The research and development base of Shanghai Jiuling marine materials R & D processing factory by Jiuling full investment, is the implementation of the "marine environment overall service companies supporting
factories, new materials, new technology research and development as the main function, based on the research on the successful cooperation of production.

The factory was established in 2015, has successfully developed the ship window, curtain, shading, Aluminum Alloy novel window bucket, marine air conditioning fan novel dispersion cloth, cabin decorative ceiling lamps, decorative type clothes hook, cabin decorative backdrop, cabin wall painting (spray) technology. Metal decorative lines and links etc.. Among them, the new type of integral aluminum alloy window bucket has passed the national patent application

The brief introduction ofShanghai Jiuling Marine Co., Ltd iwas established in 2003, specialized in the construction of the ship's superstructure and all kinds of cabins, including design, material matching and engineering construction. Adhering to the concept of "people's elements first", on the basis of continuous innovation, the design and service of "the whole environment of the ship cabin" will be transformed into the cabin inside the cabin, and remarkable achievements have been made.
Rich experience in shipbuilding, construction management team
13 years of professional experience in fine decoration, details and landscaping
The successful delivery of more than 370 ships to provide an overall solution
In the past fifteen years, we complete all kinds of civil ship, general contractor outfitting military ships and boats more than 400 ships
JIuling marine research and development base of new materials, new technology research and development as the main function, in the R & D success on the basis of
cooperation in production
Marine integral window bucket
Novel dispersion type air distributor
Decorative coat hook
In the past 15 years, we have been making great efforts to reform and innovate, and have become the leader in the shipping industry
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Team member
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